Solar Attic Roof Fan

Starting from 2012, SIPLĄŻs solar attic fans have been sold to 31 countries all over the world. We haved helped our customers to apply the fan in different sites. Besides the current models, we also provide OEM service.

If you have any other creative idea, please feel free to  CONTACT US .  Our engineer team will be glad to offer technical support and customized service for you!

For more product information, please DOWNLOAD BROCHURE HERE.  Ąý

Ąý Ąý Ąý


SN2013009 12W 12ĄŻĄŻ

SN2013004 12W 12ĄŻĄŻ

SN2013007 15W 14ĄŻĄŻ

SN2013002 15W 14ĄŻĄŻ

SN2014008 30W 14ĄŻĄŻ

SN2014006 30W 14ĄŻĄŻ
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