Solar LED Skylight

Combining modern solar technology with advanced LED technology, SIPLs solar skylight is a green new lighting solution. A breakthrough to the traditional daylighting way (tubular skylight / sky tube), coming out to realize a much more convenient, longer lasting & energy efficient day & night lighting.

 Good Light Source Top grade SMD2835 LED, no UV, no leak, no flicker, minimal heat or decay, make long lasting & energy-efficient lighting performance.
 Ideal Power Supply Modes Green energy power supply by polycrystalline solar panel, multi power supply modes available.                                           
 Smart Solar Lighting Smart controller included, make automatic switchover to backup energy & turn into radar sensor smart lighting mode for sunless periods, not waste a shred of backup power.
 Day & Night Lighting When with backup power, the solar led skylight system keeps lighting at day and night, for both daily & emergency use.
 Green Environmental Kit Solar led skylight works with green solar energy, allowing savings of up to 90%, as an environmentally friendly kit with no carbon emissions.
With the same function as a tubular skylight, the solar led skylight can make up for poor natural daylighting, brighten every dark space with no outside windows. Quick and easy DIY installation for various ceiling types, no light shafts, no structural changes, just one plug-in action on wiring, now Let Your Space Shine!

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SNC2015003 (for day use)

SNC2015003 + SN2016030 (with adapter)

SN2016001 / SN2016001R (1 circuit with battery)

SN2016004 / SN2016004R (2 circuits with battery)
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