You've been doing this…
Receiving bills and paying money every month for your ventilating fans' electricity consumption.
But have you ever took a breath and thought about how much dollars you already pay for them every year?
We've done a calculation: what you're paying for the electric bills in a whole year can actually bring you at less one more ventilating fansĄ­
Statistics 1:
1.1 The ventilating fan's electricity
cost is far more expensive than
the product itself.
1.2 The bigger your ventilating
fan is, the heavier energy burden
it places on you.
* The marked $0.12 electricity unit price is basing on the current status of United States market.
However, from now on…
You can use the inexhaustible solar source freely to support operation of all kinds large scale ventilating fans, the regular commercial electricity bill in old days is no longer a must pay.
The solar modules mounted on roof-top will generate electricity to support the fans working.
You can save money and ease the heavy burden for those boring electricity bills now!
That is amazing, isn't it?
But how much bills exactly will Sunny pay for you? Let's continue the discovery…
Statistics 2:
The solar fan's power consumption cost is all 0…
Statistics 3:
The Cost Comparison
So what do you see from these statistics?
3.1 The regular ventilating fan may cost you smaller to buy the product, but it keeps asking you to pay every year.
3.2 The solar powered blower may comparatively request you to pay bigger at one time to buy the product, but it is free to work for you forever, and will pay you back soon after one year.
Below are our Plenty Options for Your Selection:
Model Fan Blade
(dia.- MM)
Fan Host Size
SN2013018 500 150 24 875 16000 60 <65 620*620*370 0.142
SN2013019 710 200 24 450 20000 60 <65 800*800*370 0.236
SN2013020 900 250 24 420 30000 65 <70 1000*1000*370 0.370
SN2013021 1000 300 48 420 32000 65 <70 1100*1100*370 0.447
SN2013022 1250 360 48 420 39000 56 <70 1380*1380*370 0.705
SN2013023 1400 500 48 420 46000 60 <70 1530*1530*370 0.866
You can add a Mains Switch Controller into product to hybrid use the solar panel supply and public electricity supply to have the ventilating fans work continuously after dark or in cloudy periods.
Fan motor we used is brushless DC motor, so when our products are working under consumption of commercial electricity, their
energy costs are still much smaller than those traditional AC motored ventilating fans.
The primary power supply for product to work is always from solar panel, only when the sunlight illumination intensity on solar panel is too weak to function fan motor, the Mains Switch Controller will switch-on public electricity supply as support.
Hereafter illustrates the Mains switch mechanism between solar panel supply and public electricity supply, all switches can be realized automatically intelligently by the Mains Switch Controller.
To DIY your unique and most fit Solar Ventilating Fan, simply tell us your requirements, we'll help you to turn all kinds regular electric industrial fans into cost-free solar exhaust fans!
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