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60x60cm square-with 1 circuit battery

40W polycrystalline solar module (495x495x25mm),
19.2V 12.8Ah lithium storage battery,
16V square shape LED panel (600x600x15mm),
 lights on when human is in an activity, lights off when people have left the house or are sleeping static

【work time: day & night nonstop & totally solar battery powered,
battery can be charged full in about 4.8 hours under strong sun, and can support 4.9 hours workin

whole set warranty: 5 years

    • Power Mode
      solar panel+1 circuit battery
    • rador sensor
      include a radar induction switch to control on /off the LED light: lights on when human is in an activity, lights off when people have left the house or are sleeping static
    • work time
      day & night nonstop & totally solar battery powered
    • Battery charge time
      6.8 hours
    • Battery duration
      8.5 hours at night