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60 inch with battery

90W polycrystalline solar panel (665*878*25mm),
40w to power fan & LED light directly in day time,
50w to charge 25.6V 9.6Ah battery for supporting fan & LED light to keep working nonstop even in sunless periods,
24V brushless DC motor,
60 inch ABS fan blades, 3 blades, of 6'' fan boom,
include 10w LED light for lighting purpose,
include remote controller to turn on / off the fan & LED light flexi

whole set warranty: 5 years

  • Solar cooling & lighting by 1 time installation

    Work at day & night with 2 optional rotating modes

     70% less energy consumption than ordinary electric fan

    Quieter running and lower temperature rise by brushless motor

    Smart switch to AC grid backup power with no manual operation

    High quality fan motor with over 10 years design lifespan, 5 years warranty

    • Power
    • Solar Panel
      Polycrystalline solar panel, adjustable
    • Blades
      60 inch ABS fan blades, 3 pcs
    • Work Time
      day & night nonstop, sunny hours by solar panel, sunless periods by battery
    • Battery
      25.6V*9.6Ah lithium battery