Multi purposes solar ventilator,  Serves well everywhere 
Suit all kinds of building installation



A self-contained axial-flow solar wall fan, taking advantage of natural solar energy, allowing savings of up to 90%,

making high efficient yet quiet ventilation by top grade brushless motor. As an energy-saving ventilation solution for healthy

and comfortable environment! 


With easy installation and no dependence on AC grid, SIPL solar wall fan freshens air for various premises

especially attic, gable space at no energy cost. It would pump out interior stale air and over heat

to improve indoor air circulation, reduce moisture & harmful mildews, and help reduce the

load on air-conditioner and HVAC system in Summer…

Solar Gable Wall Fan

Optional Solar Wall Fan Accessory

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< 2 Options of Back-up Power >


to reach 24 hours all time working

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 for more intelligent ventilation