Key Features


> High energy efficient direct solar powered, no operation cost at all for sunny daytime

> Unique IP68 permanent magnet brushless DC motor for high efficiency and durability, rated for most indoor or outdoor cover spaces

> Direct driven by BLDC motor with no gearbox, no leak, easy to install and maintenance-free

> Automatic smart hybrid supply effectively for all day running, saving up to 60% electricity cost even when using mains supply 

> Smart controlled 36V DC operation of higher safety

> High quality fan motor with over 10 years design lifespan, 5 years warranty

> Quick Return on Investment, Once Pay Benefit Long






Model #SN2017012
440W monocrystalline solar panel,
36V IP68 brushless DC motor (PMSM),
diameter 3m/ 10ft airfoil type aluminum-alloy fan blades, 8 blades, of 32'' fan booms,
with AC/DC adapter to serve as energy backup for fan run nonstop even in sunless periods,
include remote controller to turn On / Off & Forward / Reverse the fan flexibly at any time, 5 variable speeds.





Solar HVLS Ceiling Fan

SIPL SOLAR HVLS CEILING FAN is a new generation HVLS ( High volume, Low speed) ceiling fan powered by solar energy, direct driven by top grade brushless motor, as a new revolutionery cost-effective solution for cooling, moisture proofing or ventilation!
With big fan blades, this HVLS fan can move a significant amount of air at low speed for a large area. The air flows down to the floor and out in all directions, which effectively removes hot and humid air, so as to deliver a more comfortable environment for big areas.
Specially, taking advantage of modern solar technology, SIPL HVLS Fan runs in sunny daytime at totally no electric cost;
additionally with AC/DC dual power adapter, it would automatically switch to AC grid electricity to keep running in sunless time.
The brand new high efficient solar HVLS fan is ideal for commercial, industrial, agricultural buildings and pubilc locations
such as Gymnasium, Church, Office Building, Libraries, big Malls, Canteens, Workshop, Stables and Dairy Cow House...
Here it comes to help cut your facility energy costs over 70%, and quickly recover investment within 2~3 years!

Taking advantage of modern solar technology and backed with stronger fan motor, this visionary Solar Big Fan from SIPL

is destined to save more and last longer, and no doubt be greatly better for your budget in the long run!


Now just run the big fan to cool your premises, with most electric bills paid by generous sunshines!


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