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Solar Charged Battery

50W 9.6Ah Solar Battery System
50W monocrystalline solar panel (495x495x25mm),
16V 9.6Ah lithium storage battery,
size: 495x500x67mm,
carrying 3m cable to connect solar fan with this accessory
【battery can be charged full in 4.8 hours & discharge 21~22 hours for the fan,
an inbuilt Smart Controller is included to take care of the power switching between the fan's solar panel & battery】

whole set warranty: 5 years



    Quick installation

    The whole system on the roof so it does not need to climb up and down to install the system. Basically you just need to fix the battery on roof and connect the plug on fan.

    Auto working

    After the installation, the battery will work by itself without any human control. At day,the solar panel charges the battery;when sunlight is weak, the battery will support the fan together with the solar panel so there is not any solar energy is wasted,meanwhile, the battery's panel keeps charging the battery; when at night,the battery will support the fan working non-stoppingly.

    Safety design

    The battery box is beneath the solar panel staying in the shadow and filled with heat dissipation gel. Between the box and the panel, there are air tunnels so that natural airflow will take the heat away when flying through. With these designs, the battery is as safe as staying indoor so that its lifespan and safety are assured.


    Smart controller

    Lithium battery is expensive so the fan will not waste any battery power when not necessary, which is decided by the smart controller inside the fan. This controller will keep sensing output of the fan's solar panel. When output is low to certain level, it will switch in the battery power. And when output rises to certain voltage, it will cut the battery power to avoid any unnecessary cost.

    • Power
    • Solar Panel
      Monocrystalline solar panel
    • Battery
      16V 9.6Ah lithium battery