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50W solar centrifugal fan-with adapter

50W monocrystalline solar panel (495x495x25mm),
24V brushless DC motor,
Φ150mm / 6'' double air outlets, host size: 293x285x185mm,
include 3m 18V*1.5A  AC/DC Power Adapter to support solar fan works nonstop even in sunless periods,
with 15m cable to connect fan blower & solar panel
【work time: day & night nonstop, sunny hours by solar panel, sunless periods by AC/DC power adapter】

whole set warranty: 5 years

  • Day & Night Time Nonstop Running Solar Centrifugal Exhaust Fan

    The solar fan auto-runs directly powered by solar panel in sunny hours, and keeps running by auto-switchover to grid power in sunless time.


    18V*1.5A AC/DC Power Adapter

    Smart controller

    The prime pricinple of the solar fan is energy saving so the fan will not waste any AC grid power when not necessary, which is decided by the smart controller inside the fan. This controller will keep sensing output of the fan's solar panel. When output is low to certain level, it will switch in the electricity. And when output rises to certain voltage, it will cut the electricity to avoid any unnecessary cost.

    • Solar Panel
      Monocrystalline solar panel
    • Blades
      6 inch centrifugal fan blades, aluminum
    • Material
      galvanized steel housing+PC cover
    • AC/DC Adapter
      18V 1.5A
    • Work Time
      day & night nonstop, sunny hours by solar panel, sunless periods by AC/DC adapter